Letter to Andrew Wilkinson: Please don’t incite violence against political opponents

Andrew Wilkinson, MLA
Leader of the Official Opposition
Parliament Buildings
Victoria, BC
V8V 1X4

2018 May 01

Please don’t incite violence against political opponents

Dear Mr. Wilkinson,

I’m greatly alarmed to learn that you have recently incited mob violence against British Columbia Attorney General David Eby, forcing him to cancel a planned town hall on the speculation tax. Your conduct is both undemocratic, and unbecoming of a person of your intellect, calibre and stature.

Fom Mussolini to Mugabe, intimidating one’s political opponents through violence is a depraved tactic only the most despotic dictators have engaged in. And history has shown us that once politicians divide societies by means of violent polarization, they send those societies down a path of certain ruin. Is that what you want for British Columbia?

While I’m aware that you have made a career of representing big tobacco1)https://thinkpol.ca/2018/02/05/bc-liberal-leader-batted-big-tobacco-bc/ and corrupt businessmen from China2)https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/new-bc-liberal-candidate-has-ties-to-shuttered-pulp-mill/article8798196/ against BC, I want to believe that you did so for the money, and not out of some deep rooted hatred towards your fellow British Columbians.

I, like you, am an immigrant to Canada. I learned while studying for my citizenship test that the role of the opposition in a parliamentary democracy is to “peacefully oppose or try to improve government proposals.”3)https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/corporate/publications-manuals/discover-canada/read-online/federal-elections.html(Emphasis Mine.)

A town hall is one of the most inclusive forms of democratic discourse. By inciting mobs to violently disrupt a town hall, not only are you compromising the safety and security of an elected official and civilians who wish to engage with him, you’re also undermining our democratic institutions.

I urge you: stop. Stop inciting violence. Take the honourable path and restore civility by apologizing to Mr. Eby and asking your supporters to refrain from violence.

Thank you,

Rohana Rezel

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1. https://thinkpol.ca/2018/02/05/bc-liberal-leader-batted-big-tobacco-bc/
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One thought on “Letter to Andrew Wilkinson: Please don’t incite violence against political opponents”

  1. I also am disgusted by this mess and personally wrote a letter to an organizer of the revolt on May 2nd. I also equally blame the nap and find it unfortunate that the new school tax, by its design, has pitted groups against one another. Some have labeled it class warfare. British Columbian’s are rightfully upset on both sides of this policy. The honorable David Eby has a great reputation but this policy has the potential to destroy a great politician in the process. Shame on whomever crafted this policy. I recommend the NDP consult with Andrew Weaver and David Eby consult with his constituents, as he intended to do. Mr. Eby’s political fate is in the hands of his constituents and prolonging this conversation is not an effective strategy. Shame on the developers, realtors and the Liberal leader for making this a partisan issue, rather than simply a valid issue between a group of angry constituents and their MLA.

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