Wikiwashing Westbank: Who’s editing developer Ian Gillespie’s Wiki page?

Someone’s been deleting sections of Vancouver developer Ian Gillespie’s Wikipedia page1) Gillespie owns Westbank of the “if the Chinese market doesn’t want it, I have no interest in it” fame.

So who’s Wikiwashing Gillespie’s page?

Wikipedia edits leave behind an audit trail. In this case, we know the person who edited Gillespie’s page had the IP address

Let’s go and ask American Registry for Internet Numbers(ARIN)3) who owns

A quick Google search tells me that “180 University Hotel Limited Partnership”4) is the company which operates, wait for it, Westbank’s Shangri-La5) in Toronto, which happens to be at, 180 University Avenue.

Someone at Westbank’s Shangri-La is Wikiwashing Ian Gillespie’s page.

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