Airbnb violating MoU with City of Vancouver by not deactivating listings without licences

Update 6-Sep-2018:

After I published my blog post, some of the hosts have obtained licences and Airbnb has deactivated the remaining listings.

Airbnb is required to deactivate listings that don’t have a licence and keep them deactivated until such time the hosts get licences for them. But my Airbnb data scanner has picked up at least six listings that popped up today without a licence.

This is a clear violation of Section 1.3 of the Memorandum of Understanding Airbnb signed with the City, which states

1.3 For Hosts that have listed or list an STRA with Airbnb prior to April 18, 2018, Airbnb will give such Hosts until August 31, 2018 to input a STRA Licence Number. Thereafter, Airbnb will deactivate the listings of such Hosts from its platform until such time that a Host inputs a STRA Licence Number.

Airbnb is violating an MoU which is extremely favourable to the company. This just goes to show how little respect these predatory corporations have for the City of Vancouver.

To meaningfully protect our long term rental market from being decimated by Airbnb and other short term accommodation platforms, we must take the following steps:

  1. Introduce licence auto-verification, so, we can nip unlicensed units and licence cheats in the bud
  2. Introduce a tough new bylaw and agreements that hold platforms accountable for the hosts’ actions
  3. Make Airbnb fines lienable, so that the city can place liens against egregious violators who refuse to pay the fines


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