Vancouver election lottery: the winners and the losers

Who got lucky and who didn’t with the random ballot lottery? Here’s my quick analysis.

CandidateAlphabetical OrderRandom OrderDifference
ALM, Kelly119-18
BAINS Brinder (YES Vancouver)237-35
BASRA, Nycki (VANCOUVER 1st)330
BHANDAL, Taqdir Kaur449-45
BLIGH Rebecca (NPA)523-18
BLYTH, Sarah654-48
BOYLE, Christine (OneCity)725
BUCHANAN, Barbara811-3
CARDONA, Diego (Vision Vancouver)956-47
CARR, Adriane (GREEN)1066-56
CAUDWELL, Justin1192
CHAN, Glynnis (YES Vancouver)1269-57
CHARKO, Ken (Coalition Vancouver)1342-29
CHERNEN, Glen (Coalition Vancouver)1457-43
COOK, Graham1527-12
COPELAND, Cord "Ted"1653-37
CRELLIN, Breton (ProVancouver)17170
CROOK, Adrian18612
DE GENOVA, Melissa (NPA)19415
DEAL, Heather (Vision Vancouver)2071-51
DOMINATO, Lisa (NPA)2122-1
EL-RAYES, Hamdy2233-11
EVANS, Catherine (Vision Vancouver)23203
FALLS, Larry2448-24
FRANSON, Marlo25124
FRY, Pete (GREEN)26719
FU, Hsin-Chen2750-23
GOODRICH, Justin P (NPA)2832-4
GRANT, Wade2943-14
GREWAL, David (NPA)3041-11
HARDWICK, Colleen (NPA)311318
HUGHES, Ashley32311
JOHL, Jesse (VANCOUVER 1st)3344-11
KENNEDY, Gordon T3451-17
KHAN, Abubakar3564-29
KIRBY-YUNG, Sarah (NPA)3640-4
KOUTALIANOS, Anastasia371225
KRISTIANSEN, Lisa (ProVancouver)382414
LI, Morning (Coalition Vancouver)3960-21
LIN, James (Coalition Vancouver)40355
LOW, Ken (VANCOUVER 1st)411526
MALUSA, John (VANCOUVER 1st)42384
MCDOWELL, Rob4355-12
MIEDZYGORSKI, Herschel443014
MIRZA, Raza (ProVancouver)452124
MOLLINEAUX, Michelle (VANCOUVER 1st)4652-6
MUSSIO, Penny (Coalition Vancouver)472918
NOBLE, Penny481434
O'KEEFE, Derrick (COPE)4959-10
OSTLER, Stephanie (YES Vancouver)5067-17
PAZ, Tanya (Vision Vancouver)513615
PEROSA, Elishia (VANCOUVER 1st)52475
PETA, Franco (Coalition Vancouver)531835
PORTER, Elke5461-7
QUIMPO, Jojo (NPA)553421
RAMDEEN, Katherine5658-2
RAUNET, Françoise571047
REZEL, Rohana (ProVancouver)5870-12
ROBERTS, Anne (COPE)591643
SHUM, Erin602634
SPARK, John61853
SWANSON, Jean (COPE)634518
TANG, Phyllis (YES Vancouver)643925
TAYLOR, Elizabeth (VANCOUVER 1st)65560
VIRDI, Jaspreet (YES Vancouver)662838
WIEBE, Michael (GREEN)6768-1
WONG, David HT (GREEN)68635
XIE, Jason (Coalition Vancouver)692544
YAN, Brandon 甄念本 (OneCity)70655
ZHANG, Wei Qiao (Vision Vancouver)71629

Elizabeth Taylor (VANCOUVER 1st) emerged the luckiest, moving up 60 places compared to where she would’ve been in an alphabetically ordered ballot. She entered the race lucky with a memorable name. Lady luck must really like her.

Glynnis Chan (YES Vancouver) came out the unluckiest, dropping 57 places compared to where she would’ve been in alphabetical order. But then again, Yes Vancouver has developers altruistically putting up billboards for them, so it should even out the misfortune.

Nothing changed for Nycki Basra (VANCOUVER 1st) and Breton Crellin (ProVancouver) ending up exactly where they would have if the ballot had been ordered alphabetically.

I’m at 70, one from last. In a way, that’s better than being any number between 10 and 65. That’s what I like to tell myself.