My priorities

End global speculation in our housing market

  • Rental-only zoning along transit corridors
  • VPD real estate crime unit
  • Community owned housing on public land
  • Locals-only presales
  • Work with province to tax landbankers

Crackdown on Airbnb

  • Complete ban against Airbnb until Airbnb agrees to:
    • Automatic licence verification
    • Platform accountability
  • Enforce existing $1000/per day fines against all violators
  • Airbnb fines to fund rental rebate

Protect local workers

  • City-wide job seeker database
    • Match companies seeking temporary foreign workers with local workers seeking jobs
  • Local essential workers to be given priority for affordable rentals
  • End privatization of city services

Promote small business and innovation

  • Reduced property taxes for local small businesses offset it by increased property taxes for luxury retailers and chain stores
  • Space reserved for local small business in new developments
  • Create a small businesses incubator
  • Local business-first procurement policy

Please vote Rohana Rezel (ProVancouver) for Vancouver City Council on Oct 20. I’m second from last on the ballot.

[Photo Credit: Gord McKenna]

Authorized by candidate Rohana Rezel ([email protected]).