Urgent: Vision playing dirty to ram rezoning motion through council bypassing public input

After telling people that the backup time for today’s mass rezoning public hearing is tomorrow (Wednesday) at 3PM, Mayor Gregor Robertson decided to suddenly recommence the hearing at 11AM, without any notification to the people who had left home for the night expecting to come back at 3 O’clock tomorrow.

Thanks to a little bit of push back from Councillor Adriane Carr, the mayor came to compromise and now the public hearing will start at 1PM tomorrow. But many people will are unaware that the public hearing is happening earlier than scheduled. And many can’t take time off from work to attend the public hearing at 1PM.

Vision Vancouver’s playing dirty to undemocratically ram mass rezoning through the council. We need your help. They’re making a mockery of a “public hearing” by making it as inaccessible to the public as possible.

We still can stop Vision lame ducks in their tracks. Please turn up en masse to the Vancouver City Council tomorrow (Wednesday) at 1PM and ask to speak. The council must listen to each and everyone one of you who signs up to speak. We need hundreds of people to show up and demand to speak. Please invite everyone you know who are retired or taking a day off tomorrow. Let’s unite as one people to stop Vision’s vile assault on democracy.

[Photo Credit: Tyler Ingram]