Telus threatening scores of customers with bogus claims of “unreturned equipment”

After Telus threatened and harassed my wife and me over a bogus claim that we had not returned all the equipment we rented from them, we did some digging and found out that scores of other customers have fallen victim to the same tactic by Telus. We will be reporting Telus to the The Canadian Anti- Fraud Centre, as the company’s actions have all the hallmarks of an organized scam. March is fraud prevention month, after all.

If you, too, have been threatened or harassed by Telus, please let us know, or, report Telus to the CAFC directly.

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9 thoughts on “Telus threatening scores of customers with bogus claims of “unreturned equipment””

  1. My wife and I recently canceled our Telus account due to poor customer service. Insane hold times… I packed up all their equipment in the box provided and sent it off. A few months later, we get a bill for $350 for in returned equipment. I am now forced to sit on hold for an hour and a half on hold. What a bunch of scammers. Never again will I be a Telus customer.

  2. Same thing is happening to my husband, we decided to cancel our cable contract and sent back the items in the provided return packaged.
    Now they’re harassing us along with collections to pay the full fee of the box!!! Because they say they haven’t received it. But they should have the tracking of the packaged box.
    My husband wants to pay the collections so it doesn’t ruin his credit, I want to fight it.. especially after seeing this thread. I’ve just reported on cafc Canada.
    What to do next?

    1. I am in the process of going through the same shit with Telus. I am going to fight this all the way to court. Of I don’t get out money back that they took from our account ( over $700) I will also report it to Cafc

  3. Same thing happened to me,
    I sent it in October of 2016, in March 2017 I get notified that I haven’t returned the equipment….

    I don’t have a tracking number or anything, either Canada Post lost it (unlikely, the rep said they send equipment to Telus all the time) or Telus has no idea where they put it.

    I don’t ever want to go back to them now after this horrible mishandling of equipment.

  4. Telus is claiming I did not return my equipment and threatening to take me to take me to collections. I cancelled Telus TV and Internet on Dec 6, 2016. I returned all the required equipment back on Dec 2016 promptly upon receipt of return boxes. I called Telus in Jan 2017 to check weather the returned equipment was received. The rep told me that equipment was received, no balance owed on the account. On Apr 6, 2017 I receive a ph call stating that I owe $$ for unreturned equipment. I explained my situation to the rep and she told me not not worry, she will clarify the situation, there must have been a mistake. On June 10, 2017 I receive a letter stating that I still owe $$ for unreturned equipment and thatI will be taken to collections. Calling TELUS now, 45 min later and I am still on hold. I am also launching an official complaint with CCTS.

  5. I also was told not to worry. This happens to everyone the representative said. She told me it would resolve itself in 3 months. At that time no one knew where the return was. 7 months later I receive an email from a collections agency. I told the collection agency that I have the bill of lading and explained the countless phone calls with Telus. There was zero warning of it being sent to collections. I talked wit a Telus Representative on Facebook and now they’re claiming I didn’t send the router. I know for sure I sent everything. I am with Shaw, what would a Telus router be good to me ? Fraudulent Liars !! Also there was a equipment charge right after I cancelled my services and yet at that time they had no idea where the equipment was !!

  6. I started getting calls from Telus customer service in November last year, they put me on hold for an hour. They claimed I was owing $224 due to unreturned equipments. I actually returned their equipment in August and also closed the account that month. Yesterday i got a letter from collections saying I’m owing shaw $224.14 , I’ve called their office and the can’t seem to transfer me to “fibre optics department”. Now I’m really worried, they also claim my internet was cancelled in November and not August. I mean how on earth is the Internet equipment that I returned in August still working till November? I’ve even moved from this apartment since the end of August last year. The lady I spoke with on the phone said the equipment is worth $99.99 and that the balance is what I was owing before I cancelled my internet plan. The main reason I closed my account was because Telus withdrew $50.40 twice from my credit card and once from debit card making it a total of $150.40 for a $50.40 bill. As of July 29 telus owed me $100.80(was returned in August). So how is it possible that I had an outstanding balance of $116 if Telus owed me money and the $50.40 payment was for July to August Internet?

  7. We cancelled our Telus account after having had 4 failed modems installed, so we switched to Shaw. We returned the equipment with a Telus provided shipping label and retuned it to them. 3 Months later we get a collection notice for unreturned equipment (which we refuse to pay… EVER).

    They want us to prove we returned it but they have the shipping records not us. Now what?

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