Telus apologized, but we’ll keep fighting for the sake of other victims

This morning I received a phone call and an email from Telus apologizing for their little unreturned equipment scam.

Hey Rohana,

As per phone conversation today, I am sending a confirmation email to advise that the equipment charges have been credited back and the account balance is now cleared. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may have cause, I do apologize that this was not able to be rectified earlier.

Thank you,

While my wife and I are relieved to learn that our ordeal might be coming to an end, this is not the end of effort to stamp out this scam. Over the past few days, we have talked to dozens of other Canadians who have fallen victim to this deceptive and fraudulent tactic by Telus. We’ve decided to keep on fighting until Telus apologizes to every single Canadian whom the company has harassed, threatened and ruined the credit of, and takes actions to make those victims whole again.

This is our intended course of action:

  • Report Telus to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC)
  • Engage consumer protection agencies of Alberta and BC to identify strategies to protect consumers from the unreturned equipment scam
  • Engage the federal Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, whose minister is the minister responsible for the Telecommunications Act, to find ways to strengthen the regulatory framework to protect consumers from the unreturned equipment scam
  • Please get in touch with us with your stories, ideas, comments, and criticisms.

    We wish to thank all of you who supported us and offered us words of encouragement.